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These trays are archival and suitable for museum collection storage and presentation or for small private collections. They are used to store natural history collections and specimens, coins, medals or anything that needs a small, secure space. You may know them as artefact trays, medal trays, coin trays, sample trays or specimen trays or boxes.

Tray covering and construction.

We can make your acid free trays from your choice of materials. We make them from PAT tested archival board and can make them from the thickness of boxboard you desire, but usually 1300 micron board.

The covering of the trays can be archival PAT tested, lignin free and acid free or acid free splendorlux which is wipe-clean, or any other covering of your choice.

This is a summary of options for acid free trays but we will work closely with you to provide the storage you require. We have no fixed remit – we custom make everything to your specification.

Acid Free Trays