We manufacture bespoke, presentation, gift, hat and acid free boxes.

Everything we make is bespoke and customised to your requirement, we do not make anything “off the shelf” We are a small and friendly business that creates custom products according to your needs. We can help you establish your brand by starting with low quantities. Our paper over board boxes are made with great care and attention to give you the highest quality packaging available, and made locally.

Presentation Boxes

We make presentation boxes  to your specification in the UK.

Manufactured to your size, design and style. Fast delivery options possible.

Information about Presentation Boxes

Hair products presentation box
Set of hatboxes

Hat Boxes

We create hat boxes that are ideal for hats, flowers, and gifts. Our hat boxes are customized to match your color and texture preferences and come in a range of materials, including paper, suede, and fabric.

Information about Hat Boxes

Gift Boxes

We create high-quality gift boxes designed to meet your specifications, including your branding, preferred color, and style, all made in England.

Information about Gift Boxes

Whisky glass gift box set
Bespoke presentation box

Bespoke Boxes

We make bespoke boxes in the UK by hand. They come in any size, color, or design, and we can add your logo. We create boxes tailored to your products, starting from just 10 boxes. Information about Bespoke Boxes

Archival Boxes

We manufacture archival boxes for conserving and preserving museum artifacts and textiles.

Information about Archival Boxes

Large archival costume boxes
Acid free die cut tray

Acid Free Trays

Archival acid-free trays are perfect for storing museum or private collections as they are made from acid-free board and covered in acid-free paper.

Information about Acid Free Trays

We provide low quantity minimum order options. Whether you want 10 or 10,000 rigid boxes we have a wide variety of different materials and options. Check out our picture gallery to get some inspiration and see a sample of our previously made boxes.  All of our designs are unique for your brand and product. 

Contact us for pricing 

All of our boxes are high quality and manufactured by us in the UK.

Our preference is for recyclable inserts to go inside the boxes to hold the items in place. These are in the form of solid board or card platforms and die-cut inserts.

We will strive to produce your desired boxes and packaging within your budget.

When you’re on a tight schedule, we offer fast turnaround options that meet the highest quality and specification standards.

We care about the environment- see about Bespoke British Boxes

If you’re looking to begin your business or require custom boxes for a special promotion, we can assist you by producing boxes in small quantities that meet your specific requirements. Our services are tailored to ensure that you receive the perfect packaging solution that not only protects your products but also adds value to your brand. Get your British Boxes here from a small box company, Made in England.

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