Acid free trays
Die cut specimen trays
Acid free tray with a polyester lid

Acid Free Trays and Specimen Trays

Acid free trays securely store historical collections, specimens, coins, medals, and other small items. People often refer to them as artefact trays, specimen trays, or acid-free boxes. A tray is just the base of a box, although sometimes we supply a tray and lid. The lids can be the same solid construction as the tray, or more commonly they are made from polyester which is see through, and allows the contents to be viewed.

Acid free tray and lid information.

Covered Trays – Museums and institutions prefer archival board trays that have acid-free paper covering and are turned inside the acid free tray. The trays are lignin free. They are ready made and can be used straight away, no need to be put together.

Polyester Lids – These are often required to fit onto the covered trays. these are die cut and we make them and fit them onto the trays for use straight away. We make them a reasonably tight fit to ensure no dust ingress.

Banded Trays – archival board trays with just the outer sides wrapped in a paper or cloth, it doesn’t turn over inside.

Uncovered Die Cut Trays – thinner archival board with no coverings, they have locking tabs and require making up. No glue involved.

Covered Die cut trays – bare archival board covered in the paper of your choice on the outside only. They have locking tabs and require making up.

Acid free tray materials and options.

We create your acid free trays using your preferred materials. Typically, we use 1300 micron thick PAT tested archival board but we can use any thickness of acid free board you wish, with the covering paper is your choice. We create custom acid-free trays for archival purposes. Our trays are made with high quality materials to keep your items safe and secure.

If you are looking for a larger or more bespoke designed archival box for conservation purposes please see our conservation boxes or bespoke boxes pages.

This page lists a summary of options and is not solely exclusive of our services. We will work closely with you to provide the storage you require.

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