Bespoke boxes made to your specification

Our bespoke boxes are crafted from high-quality materials and can be customized with the covering and finish of your choice. We work with your specifications to find the right design that fits your budget. We can manufacture quantities ranging from 10 to 10,000 and offer fast delivery options if needed. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we provide expert advice and support to all companies seeking bespoke packaging solutions. Branded with your logo, our bespoke boxes and packaging will give your products a professional look, which can help increase sales.

Bespoke skincare branded box
Whisky advent calendar
Bespoke art print box

Our best-selling custom boxes feature silk or suede lining, ribbons, and inserts to enhance your products.

The boxes can be covered in a number of different materials including paper, cloth, suede, printed paper and many other materials. We support sustainable manufacturing and endeavour to make our boxes environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

We can die-cut a card insert or platform to fit into your bespoke boxes, covered in a material of your choice. This will hold your products in place, enhancing and securing the contents in your bespoke box. This can be a printed platform with appropriate cutouts and bends, a solid platform, elastic loops or foam.

We recommend board rather than foam because it is biodegradable and our recycled board is Eco friendly.

Bespoke art print box
Whisky advent calendar
Hair product packaging

We offer two branding options: foil blocked logos or printing your design. Our in-house production guarantees high-quality results and a fast turnaround time. Foil blocking creates a debossed effect that adds a touch of luxury to your product. Alternatively, we can print your design with precision and vibrancy. At every step of the way, our commitment is to delight you beyond your imagination, regardless of the outcome you choose.

You can see more information in Box materials and options

We offer custom-made boxes and exceptional customer service to find the perfect packaging solution for your needs.

We can make large boxes extra strong by laminating multiple layers of cardboard and reinforcing the corners with cloth, resulting in increased durability.

If you wish to display a bottle in an appealing way then it is best to place it on its side so that the branding or label is visible.

In order to make the presentation even more attractive, we recommend creating a cardboard platform in the shape of the bottle. You can choose the colour of the platform to match the box or opt for a contrasting one, depending on your preference.

For bespoke boxes made in the UK please contact us, we will be glad to help!

Bespoke storage boxes

We can create custom storage boxes for your dressing room, wardrobe, playroom, or any other room you need. We take pride in crafting custom storage boxes that perfectly match your design’s colour and decor. Our team can customize storage boxes to your desired size and shape, reflecting your unique style. These personalized boxes are a great way to keep your belongings organized. Order now for swift delivery.

Pink Suede hat boxes

Bespoke Packaging Solutions

We offer customized packaging solutions made from rigid board or folding boxboard. Our die-cut folding boxboard packaging is an excellent way to showcase your brand and product with style. Please take a look at the cosmetic packaging box we recently provided as an example of our work.

If you need a special box for your retail packaging, consider using an elegant bespoke box to showcase your product. Our hand crafted premium quality boxes are perfect for your high class products.

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