Bespoke British Boxes

Presentation boxes made in the UK.

Your presentation boxes can have a variety of designs. These range from simple presentation boxes with lift off lids, to clamshell boxes with magnetic closures. Your boxes can have lifter ribbons, revealed shoulders, locks, pockets, ring metals, lights, LED’s, clips or anything you wish to have incorporated inside them. You can even have contrasting coloured presentation boxes, lids or shoulders if you wish. We have a wide selection of different textured covering materials and options available, see our see our box options page for more information.

We manufacture low quantities of presentation boxes.

We can make your quantity of boxes from a few up to 1000’s, though we usually manufacture quantities from 25 boxes. For small run and low MOQ box manufacture contact us

Presentation boxes for perfume
Cufflink presentation box
Magnetic gin presentation box

Your boxes for presentation can be customised by branding them with your logo, either with a foil blocked logo that we produce in-house or by printing. We can usually foil block your product after manufacture, so it has a debossed effect. Sometimes we have to foil block your logo onto the covers before making the box or lid.

We can foil block your logo in a variety of positions. On top of the lid, on the side of the box, around the lid or all three positions. One thing to be aware of is that each foiling area requires tooling costs and setup times. As it is a manual process the positioning and setup of a logo takes a lot time. We have to position the logo, test the foil temperature and pressure and then make an impression. Just a slight slip, or temperature drop can cause a bad adhesion of the foil.

We have a lot of experience foil blocking your logo onto many different materials including paper, suede, velvet, PU coated papers and polyester satin silk.

We manufacture high quality presentation gift boxes and retail packaging.

Clamshell art presentation box
Presentation gift box

We have made high quality presentation boxes for numerous products including gin bottles, whisky bottles, awards, trophies, perfume bottles, card boxes, membership boxes, hair products, hair extensions, medals etc. perfume bottle, a box for candles, a book box, we can make a platform and inserts to support your product and make it look attractive to your customers. If it is a bottle, laying it on its side to show the label/branding on the bottle looks good.

Box and packaging inserts

The platform or spacers can be the same colour as the box, or a contrasting colour, whichever you prefer. We raise smaller items up in the box so that everything can sit at the same level, just below the lid, this stops the items falling out of the recesses during transit. If you want to add an extra bit of style you can have the platform or inside of the box covered in suede or different material, or contrasting papers.

You can send us the products that you want inside the box, and we can discuss the best layout.

See our gallery and social media platforms below for inspiration.

We regularly make wooden style bespoke presentation boxes .

Our wooden effect boxes have thick sides so that they give the impression of being wood, but are recyclable board. This gives the feel and weight of traditional wooden boxes, but is lower cost than wood.

We can laminate sever layers of board to give the large boxes extra strength, and we can put cloth on the corners to make the box extremely strong and hard wearing.

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