Hat boxes for flowers, hats and gifts.

Our boxes are popular with milliners for hat storage, florists and for gifts.

They are popular with florists for everlasting roses or hand tied bouquets.

We can make your personalised hat boxes with your logo from 10 boxes up to 1000s. Whether you want a normal round hatbox or square, rectangular, oval or hexagonal boxes, we can make them for you.

All of our boxes are hand made, this enables us to make high quality boxes to your specification. We make them from rigid solid board covered in high quality paper or material. Our suede hat boxes are exquisite, giving a lovely texture and look. These need to be made by hand for a superior high quality product.

Burgundy hat box
Dark grey hat box
Gold hat box
Hat boxes for flowers

Hat box sizes:

Our hat boxes are designed to fit inside each other by size, reducing delivery and storage costs.

We can adjust the height of the boxes without extra tooling, or can make the exact diameter you require with extra tooling. Height-wise we generally make up to 28 cm tall, but we can manufacture taller boxes.  We can also make small small tubes, or boxes up to 60 cm diameter, and map tubes up to 1 metre long. Our personalised hatboxes will make your products stand out from the crowd.

Our standard tooling ranges from 5 cm diameter through to 60 cm diameter, with a depth to suit your hats or flower arrangements. We produce a lot of boxes for flowers and preserved roses and make the highest quality wholesale hat boxes you will find. We can place a platform inside the box to raise the flowers to the rim’s edge, making them visible from all angles.

6 cm diameter x 8 cm high

10 cm (4”) x 11 cm high

13 cm x 13 cm high

18 cm (7″) diameter x 18 cm high

20 cm diameter x 19 cm high

23 cm (9″) diameter x 19 cm high

25 cm diameter x 20 cm high 

29 cm (nearly 12″) diameter x 20 cm high

30 cm (12″) diameter x 20 cm high

Large hat boxes sizes for hats and milliners.

The following hat box sizes are usually for milliners, but not exclusively;

Popular sizes are 35, 40, 45, 50, and 60 cm wide. We also make square and rectangular boxes, up to 1 metre long. The box depth and diameter can be customized to your order.

Ask for a PDF hat box price and size guide

Boxes for milliners.

We make a lot of boxes for hats which can be round boxes, oval or square and have made hexagonal boxes which can be made with or without a logo.

Our company manufactures hat boxes that cater to a wide variety of headwear including but not limited to fascinators, headpieces, top hats, fedoras, trilbys, pillbox hats, bowler hats, panama hats, and caps. We can also make lower quantities of large hat boxes to save you storage space. Please feel free to ask us for more details.

Large hat boxes for milliners

We can customize your hat boxes by adding handles. Milliners typically prefer one handle on the smaller boxes, while larger boxes can have one or two handles. Our 8 mm black rope handle is a popular choice, but some customers prefer ribbon handles or to attach the handles themselves.

If you’re looking for personalised and unique packaging to showcase your brand, our fully customizable boxes are the perfect solution. You get to choose the location of your logo, business name, or initials – whether it’s on the box, lid, or side. Alternatively, we can leave the box blank or add just your initials if you prefer a minimalist look. The possibilities are endless!

Hat box handle
Pistachio suede hat box
Set of white hat boxes
Hatboxes with eyelets.

Putting your logo or brand on your boxes.

Our foil blocked logo options are very affordable, we charge an initial one-off tooling cost and a small charge per box. We re-use the same tooling for years. We can put your branding, or logo, on top of the lid, on the side of the box, around the rim, or all three positions. One thing to be aware of is that each foiling area requires tooling costs, setup times, and spare sheets, or covers. As it is a handmade process, the positioning and setup of a logo takes a lot time. We have to position the logo, test the foil temperature and setup, then make an impression. Just a slight slip, or temperature drop can cause a bad adhesion of the foil.

Branded suede hat boxes

Suede is very difficult to foil block your logo onto, but we have produced tens of thousands in house and have plenty of experience in producing perfect results. We do not make velvet hat boxes, but the suede feels very similar to the touch.

See materials and options for more information on covering materials or contact us 

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