Bespoke British Boxes

Bespoke acid free archival boxes for conservation.

We make acid-free boxes for conservation, presentation and archive purposes. These are used for museum storage and for preserving collections and textiles. We can make boxes on a very large scale making us stand out against competitors.

For trays please see our acid free trays

We can make whatever size, design or quantity you require. There are many different names for acid free boxes; populi boxes, ring binder boxes, photographic boxes or print boxes, binding boxes, portfolio boxes, solander boxes, museum boxes and many others.

Acid free box design

The very large archive boxes are hand cut and they are made from archival PAT tested acid and lignin free board to protect the delicate contents.

The board thickness is chosen depending upon the weight and size of the contents and we can double the thickness of the board on the sides and ends if extra strength is required.

Large costume box boxes
Acid free storage box
Large conservation box boxes
Clamshell Solander box boxes

We strengthen the corners of some of our acid free archival boxes and boxes containing heavy contents with acid free calico cloth.

Acid free clamshell boxes are sometimes referred to as solander boxes. These are acid free, lignin free, archival boxes that will enhance the protection of the contents. 

We can cover your boxes in a buckram cloth, archival blue-grey kraft, acid free argentia white photo-safe paper or other archival coverings.

Our range includes large and very large conservation boxes for textiles, artwork etc.

We can make you a large solander box or archival box with a lift off lid, to your size and depth. We can even put your logo or wording on the lid.

The larger archival boxes are better with a removable lid. If they have a hinged lid you would need an extremely large table or several benches to open them up.

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