Materials and options for your bespoke boxes

Rigid Box Construction

We use different board thicknesses to create custom rigid boxes. We use 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3mm board. Wooden boxes ? If you require a thicker board, we can stick the boards together to achieve 4mm or 6mm thickness, creating a thick walled very rigid wood-like box, without all the sawdust problems.

Standard board finishes:

Unlined board- used if we want to line the box inside. For example, if the box is red and the customer wants the box to be red inside, we will line the board in red paper or cloth before we construct it.

White lined and black lined board- the boards are purchased with black or white paper on one side of the board. The coloured board is on the inside of the box and the outside is then covered in the customer’s choice of covering material.

Archival acid free board

For archival boxes we use 1.3, 2 or 2.6 mm board and also laminate these to give thicker walled boxes. Archive boxes are made from acid free PAT tested board and we cover the boxes using acid free EVA glue.

Box making materials

There are many different materials we can use to wrap the gift boxes and lids in, and materials vary from £1.50 per metre up to £50 + per metre.

Most materials cost between £1.50 and £10.00 per metre, ex VAT (2024)

Here are a few more common options;

Paper – We can cover your gift boxes and presentation boxes in a wide range paper colours and textures.

Suede –sometimes used for lining inside and a paper used outside, or both inside and out. Our suede hat boxes are very popular and exude elegance. Here are the suede colour choices;  suedel luxe

Presentation Boxes by Bespoke British Boxes

Skivertex textured covering is a plastic coated leather like covering, also available in crocodile, iguana and many more different textures and finishes.

Bookcloth – traditional cloth appearance that you see a lot of books covered in.

Box styles, designs and options

Boxes with lift off lids

The lid is either full depth or shallower than the box. It quite often makes sense to make the lid shallower than the box so the fingers hold the box and the other hand can lift the lid off easier. If the box is very shallow, for example 15mm deep, the lid is usually the same size as the box.

Rigid presentation boxes with flat hinged lid – magnetic box

A box with a flat hinged lid typically features a magnetic flap on the front or can be secured with a ribbon, keeping it closed.

Bespoke Clamshell Box

Clamshell boxes, binding boxes or solander boxes are quite often acid free for art storage or museum use. Some clamshell boxes have inner dust shoulders on the spine.

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